IGSCR is serious about DNA! How you Can help

  • Work with UC Davis to help create new tests to aid breeders
  • Continued Parentage testing to provide accurate Official Registrations and Pedigrees
  • Offering genetics defect, milk Beta Casein (A1A1 or A1A2 often causes milk allergies re: cows) and Alpha Casein (cheese output) testing
  • Breed Analysis testing (goats) give you confidence in the breeds contained within your goat
  • Keep pricing down so you can afford DNA testing
  • Building a DNA fund so for folks who cannot afford DNA testing

How you can help

  • Sponsorship Program (You pay a little extra for your service to PAY IT FORWARD TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE WITH DNA and we give you a free gift)
  • Give someone a Gift
  • Donation (we have had many donations for helping the DNA program. We thank you so much. For your Sponsorship, Donation or Donation, you will be given a Certificate of Appreciation) Mail Check/money order to IGSCR PO Box 462, Goshen, UT 84633 or: Call us and we can take your payment
  • If you use our Rada Cutlery Store, we get the profit off or your purchases Share our store and consider purchasing. A few items that you purchase may give someone else a free DNA test!

Check out what we sell through Rada Cutlery

  • Knives
  • Kitchen ware
  • Utensils
  • Quick mixes
  • Gift Sets

More Store Items coming soon from Our Members and others. From theirs and our Love to you

Stay tuned….