About Our Advanced Registry Testing

Advanced Registry is our 305 day or longer testing, where you either test daily (barn records) or you can test monthly.  Some of our herds may test for a bit shorter time frame.

Analysis: This test averages out the milk over an extended length of time, to give you a better idea of how your doe is doing in production over that time frame.

How our test is set up

Many years ago our tests were set up in a tiered program for each type of goat.  The purpose is to show what category of milk your doe is producing.  We believe that it more fully shows dairy production, than just a set amount for that age category.

Then with that, we have several other areas of testing, as well. Those include Butterfat, Extended Lactation and Lifetime milk production

Breed Categories

Swiss Group – Alpines, Oberhasli, Saanens and Toggenburgs;

N/L Group – Nubians and LaManchas

If applying for Butterfat requirements Excellence:
Extended Lactation for N/L And other standard breeds 3 lb/day (TAD) or 

M/D Group – All miniature dairy breeds (example Miniature Nubian, Miniature LaMancha, etc) 

If applying for Butterfat, minimum is Excellence: 85 lb
If applying for Extended Lactation: 1.5 lb/day (on TAD) or 1 lb (OAD)

P/D Group – Pygmies and Nigerian Dwarves 

If applying for Butterfat test, requirements Excellence: 38 lb, Good: 25 lb)  
If applying for Extended Lactation (365 days in milk or more), requirement 1 lb/day (TAD) or .7 lb (OAD)

Requirements For Volume

(once a day milking is in Green. Black amounts are Twice a Day milking)

Groupup to 20 monts21-3o months;
10 years & +
31 months – 9 years
Swiss Group
Yellow Star1500-16491700-18692000-2499
Red Star1650-18291870-19992500-3199
Blue Star1830 +2000 +3200 +
N/L Group
Yellow Star1300-1399
Red Star1400-14991650-18292050-2499
Blue Star1500 +1830 +2500 +
M/D Group
Yellow Star750-849
Red Star850-949
Blue Star950 +
(713 +)
1100 +
(820 +)
1550 +
(1163 +)
P/D Group
Purple Star   
Yellow Group600-699
Red Star700-799
Blue Star800 +
(600 +)
950 +
(713 +)
1300 +

Requirements for Butterfat

Butterfat amount is based on a 305-day lactation. Black amounts are for Twice a day milking (TAD). Once a day milking (OAD) will be in green.  

We would like to know what types of feeds you are using, as this can affect butterfat.

 Yellow DiamondRed DiamondBlue Diamond
Swiss Group67-85 pounds86-104 pounds105+ pounds
N/L Group76-94 pounds95-114 pounds115+ pounds
M/D Group52-69 36-48 pounds70-89 49-62 pounds90+ 63+pounds
P/D Group38-49 26-34 pounds50-67 35-47 pounds68+ 48+ pounds