Membership Registration

Annual $10  3-Year $25  Lifetime $85
Membership Payment

Registration Application Fees

Note: First Come First Served, as in all registries.  If you want rush, please put RUSH in the notes and the date you need by.  And pay the rush fee. Thanks so much for your understanding.

Note: All registration certificates are sent hard copy snail mail, but if you need it faster than mail, we are happy to email you a copy of the Official Temporary Certificate, which is valid for 6 months, as per USDA standards. For transfers, the electronic Official Transfer is valid for 60 days from time you send it to us.

Note: All applications for registration require clear side photo for verification of breed and breed standards.  Mini goat, Nigerian Dwarf, Pygmy also need heights at wither at 6 months to yearling to further verify breed standards met

Note: Transfers need to be sent o our office within 60 days of sale, gift or trade of animal, as per USDA instructions

Registration Fee          Transfer Fee  

Fee type



Registration 1-9 animals (per animal with photo)6.5013.00
Registration 1-9 animals (per animal without photo)5.5011.00
Registrations 10 and up (per animal with photo)5.5011.00
Registrations 10 and up (per animal without photo)4.509.00
Registrations Junior Members 1-9 animals (per animal with photo)5.5011.00
Registrations Junior Members 1  1-9 animals  (per animal without photo)4.5010.00
Rush Fee (put Rush and date you need by, on comments section of application)15.0020.00

Service Charge for Research fees (if there is extreme lack of informatio.. RE: we will have to do do extensive research to complete registraitons)

Note: We will let you know if this is required or not and give you the option to locate the information yourself

$10-20/registration (depending upon how much research is required)$20-40

Herdname Registration

This is a one time fee that reserves the use of a herd-name and tattoo letters identifying your farm. The herd-name and tattoo I.D. are valid as long as you are a member in good standing.



Transfer of Ownership with printing

Non-members – double price

Transfer Payment

Transfer of ownership w/out photo (Member price)$3.50
Transfer of ownership with photo (Member price)$4.50
Jr Member transfer of ownership w/out photo (member price)$2.50
Jr Member transfer of ownership with photo (member price)$3.50

Milk Testing

Milk Testing Fees

Non-Members double price

Annual Herd Application


Price per doe$1.00
Award Certificate (if you wish) (optional)$3.00 

Registry of Merit Program

Registry of Merit Fees

Non-Members double price

Annual Herd Application$10.00
Price per doe$1.00
Award Certificate (if you wish) (optional)$3.00

IGSCR Production Supreme

Production Supreme is a new program to show Excellence in Dairy

You have your choice in a few tests, as not everyone will want the same tests

(Required Tests reflected by *)

TestExtra or Alternate TestPrice 
305 Day milk test $10.00 (includes discount of per per doe price) [non-members $20]
Registry of Meritand/or Linear Appraisal
Registry of Merit$10.00 (includes discount for no per animal fee)$20.00
Linear AppraisalCurrently free plus price for your evaluator (this will change at a later date.  This test in its infancy)$10 plus evaluator fees
DNA Markers/can included Parentagecan include Alpha Casein
Marker/Parentage$30.00 (includes discounts: $10 test discount, no postage/handling)$40.00
Alpha Casein $30.00

$30.00 (includes discount: postage/handling & $ 10. ) [non-members $40.00] 

$50 + if you choose Alpha Casein$90

Fees for Non-Members

All fees are doubled for non-members