Why DNA Test

  • In case your goat is stolen or lost (forensics evidence)
  • Physical Identification becomes unreadable or non-existent
  • Parental testing
  • Accuracy of Registration Certificate
  • You and folks who acquire your goats have a surety of who and what your goats are
  • Breed and defect testing
  • There are many goats (registered and non-registered) with incorrect lineage or incorrect breed. This can be devastating to breeds and herds.

Why Test with Heritage Dairy Goat Registry

  • We offer true DNA Registrations for your confidence
  • Keeping the DNA in the HDGR database allows for parental testing and verification through the generations
  • We have been working with a Heritage Breed. This extremely low genetic diversity breed has given us the opportunity to learn strong stills in DNA verification. This allows us to work closely with you on your goats for clarity and accuracy of your registrations
  • It allows us to provide you with the tools necessary for better herd management