First let us say that we are here for you and your goats.

  • Heritage Dairy Goat Registry values accurate Registration Certificates
  • HDGR are dairy breeders ourselves. As such we know the importance of accurate registrations for the Conservation of the breed
  • Accuracy depends upon a 3-way partnership with You, HDGR and VGL
  • Confidence in your animals for folks who acquire your goats; confidence to know who and what your goat is

Your Agreement

  • By sending Heritage Dairy Goat Registry your hair samples or DNA Reports, you agree to allow HDGR to use the DNA for all the testing purposes necessary for Accurate Registrations
  • You agree that HDGR may use the accuracy of the Registration Certificate
  • We prefer that VGL DNA is not placed on the open web. Keep in mind that VGL and Heritage Dairy Goat Registry consider DNA a Medical Record of your goat.

HDGR Agreement

  • Keeping your DNA Confidential.
  • Using the DNA for the benefit of the Accurate Registration Certificate
  • We are considering creating a searchable database for which animal names have HDGR DNA testing. This will enable breeders to know which animals may be parent tested on.