Welcome to Heritage Dairy Goat Registry

We welcome you to our dairy goat registry. Our founding registry; International Dairy Goat Registry was founded in 1980. We have a very strong foundation in the dairy goat industry.

Our origins and continuing today is in to breed and support the heritage dairy goat. In 1980 IDGR opened the Founing herdbook for the Nigerian Dwarf style West African Dwarf in Canada and the United States. This was the original registry for this special little dairy goat.

IDGR is also the founding registry for the Miniature Nubian. In those early years they were called Dwarf Nubian. One of the original herds we registered was Hidden Creeks.

We have long had a history of working closely with our members to preserve the true nature of each breed. We also have a long history of working with direct imported breeds as they came into the United States.

So a big country welcome as you join our growing family of dairy breeders in our regstry.

Heritage Dairy Goat Registry (IGSCR, LLC) difference

  • Herdbooks for Nigerian Dwarf: Fullblood, Purebred
  • Herdbooks for standard dairy goats: Grade, American and Purebred
  • Herdbooks for Miniature Dairy goats: Experimental and Purebred
  • We are strong into DNA testing, in order to ensure that accuracy of the Official Registration Certficate’s pedigree
  • DNA titles for each animal in the pedigree who is tested. The words DNA Verified so that you can feel comfortable about your Registration Certificate and animal’s information
  • Side photo of your goat, as an added measure of identification of your goat
  • Heights at withers for miniature dairy goats and Nigerian Dwarfs, to ensure that they meet standards, among other standards

Some of our Services

  • Registration and transfers
  • DNA Testing and Analysis, to aid you making better breeding choices. Also for more accuracy in Verified Registrations and Official Registrations. To aid in preventing many of the “oops” in parental and breed issues.
  • Unique 3-tiered milk testing that puts your goat through its paces to ensure it is a true dairy goat. Various types of testing: DHIA, barn records, 30-day, one-day, 6 month
  • Registry of Merit to show that your goat gives birth easily and/or raises the babies on their own